I base my practice on the idea that over a course of many years, we develop patterns of thinking and behaviour, which affect how we respond to people and situations.

Through the medium of counselling, we aim to see these situations through a different perspective in the hope of making positive changes to our lives.

Our inner voice sometimes restricts us and makes us feel as though we can?t find the answers to a problem or lifestyle. We understand that we are not always happy with those thoughts and feelings, and that our intention is to make changes, but we don?t always know how.

What I offer you is a safe, authentic and real relationship that is nurtured and grown through kindness, trust, honesty and acceptance. Through therapy, together, we look at a situation in a different light in the hope that we can learn to better understand ourselves so that we can overcome the fears and frustrations that hinder our lives.

I believe that ?knowledge is power?, and the more you understand what is happening to you; the less you fear it, enabling you to rebuild your life as a happier you, in your way.

I love my job and have a genuine passion for helping people to heal and improve their lives and relationships.